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Image of happy people jumping for joy
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The things IAEBP clients say about their therapy...

As part of a formal IAEBP research study, feedback from clients on their therapy was sought from, and volunteered by, a number of clients at the completion of their therapy. Some of the comments made are listed below:

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Social Phobia

"Right now 5 hours after final session feel like I can take on the world. I feel at peace inside and hopeful that my stress levels have substantially reduced/gone to enable me to make a success of my career. I have confidence to make decisions for me. I am happy with myself and am going to start living my life for me without fear of peoples opinions and trying to fit in. I have been living within a glass box my whole life and I now feel like the doors and windows have been opened, I am now free so watch out world cos I’m not scared anymore!!!"

Weight Issues and Self Esteem

"I initially approached my therapist with weight related issues and low self esteem but found by my 6th session that weight was no longer a major issue. I had more self confidence and was no longer binge eating when things were upsetting me. I was calmer and felt more relaxed than I had in years. People were commenting on how different I had become and without any effort I started to lose weight and go down a clothes size."

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

"I simply feel much more confident now – in work and in my personal life. My self esteem has greatly increased – I feel like I matter, that I have a value. I walk taller. I no longer feel that I have no right to be here. I feel more physically attractive as a result and much more masculine. I feel powerful and in control. I avoided relationships with the opposite sex to the point where I convinced myself that I was homosexual. Unbelievably, I now feel that it would be possible for me to have a relationship with a member of the opposite sex! For the first time in my life I feel sexually attractive. I used to think and plan constantly. I would play out scenarios in my head, usually planning for when things went wrong – this led to the constant worry I experienced. This has virtually stopped. I feel a great deal lighter (of mind) and more spontaneous. I’m simply enjoying life more, now that I don’t have this constant conversation with myself. The OCD has all but disappeared too. I can’t say that all of this has made me feel euphoric in any way, I just feel normal and content and that’s exactly what I wanted out of this. It has honestly been life changing"


"After suffering from occasional but severe insomnia for years, I now sleep like a baby, even when I have problems and anxiety in my life. On average it now takes me 15 minutes to get to sleep – before, even when I wasn’t suffering from a bout of insomnia, it took a lot longer, around an hour. There were also several completely sleepless nights."

Relationship Issues

"I saw my therapist at a very low point in my life almost a year after a relationship break up with the father of my children, which had been at my instigation. I was very confused as to which direction my life should take and had got involved with someone else I didn’t really want to be with but felt unable to break off. My therapist helped me come to terms with everything that had gone on and made me feel valid as a person again with the right to say no to situations/people without feeling guilty and thinking I was a horrible person. She made me realise my inability to say no and my fear of being unloved and unliked stemmed from a repressed childhood incident. My life has now turned around and I am extremely happy and able to give my opinion without worrying who I will upset and I don’t feel I have to go along with situations just for the sake of it cos I don’t want to upset anyone."

Social Phobia, General Anxiety and Self Esteem

"My therapy has helped me realise that I am not as bad as I had forgotten I thought I was. It helped me remember the cause of the inner-dislike, and it showed me how that feeling had affected my perception and feelings about events during my childhood since the original cause. I now, feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest and have been left with a chance to make a fresh start without the inner-dislike of myself. I have been much happier since my therapy and feel like I can achieve more than I have up until now."

Social Phobia and Blushing

"Before – I was an irrational blusher and suffered terribly at work, I would avoid situations that I knew would flare up my symptoms. Now – I feel so confident, happy and more importantly enjoy challenging myself to enter situations I previously would have avoided. I feel like I have a new lease of life."

Eating Disorder

"I finished my therapy very recently but I would say that my life has changed significantly. I feel more confident and worthy to go after what I want in life and that began by ending a destructive relationship I have been in. I was terrified of losing him at the start of my therapy, so what a turnaround in ten weeks!! I’m excited at what life has to offer which is amazing considering I’ve spent so long waiting for my life to get better. The biggest weight has been lifted and I know that I can lose the rest from my body now."

Sexual Issues and Childhood Abuse

"The therapy helped me understand myself, give me more confidence in myself and allow me to feel normal again. I have since been enjoying getting on with my life happily!"

Anxiety, Bulimia and Childhood Abuse

"The therapy has given me a greater understanding and acceptance of myself. It has helped me to make sense of things and to increase my self worth. It has given me the confidence to believe that I can overcome the eating disorder that I have had for the last 21 years…..I finally am starting to believe that I am lovable."

Depression and Anxiety

"It has changed my life because I am now more confident,self assured and I like myself, still got a bit of a way to go but I know I will get there. I was a wreck when I first started my therapy and I honestly thought that was the person I was meant to be and would not have believed that in 12 weeks or so I would be the confident and strong woman that I am now. I no longer blame everything on things I thought were my fault. Now at 62 and single I am ready to live again. Thank you so much."

Shy Bladder and Anxiety

"It’s hard to explain the change in me – it was a gradual process of self-discovery. I now feel able to cope with the stresses that life may bring me. Life feels calmer and I CAN COPE."

Social Phobia and Sleep Problems

"Life has changed Although I feel the same in myself, I am free of fear and worry of what others think of me. I’m just happy to be myself. I didn’t realise how this was controlling every aspect of my life until it had gone."

Depression, Anxiety, Panic and Claustrophobia

"I am no longer paralysed with fear and unable to complete only the most basic of tasks. I am no longer suffering from feelings of claustrophobia and no longer getting panic attacks. I feel much calmer and not so stressed about people and events around me. I feel a much stronger person mentally."

General Anxiety

"I feel calmer, more in control and less panicky. The biggest thing for me was being able to walk down the aisle and get married, knowing there were many many people watching me. Normally this would have made me want the ground to open up and swallow me but I remained calm and collected and actually enjoyed myself, which is exactly how a bride’s big day should be!"

General Anxiety

"Transformed my life. Have confidence, energy, drive and excitement for the future. I no longer have a critical voice inside my head. I am calmer, have emotions that are appropriate and at an appropriate level of intensity (i.e. are not irrational) My friends notice a huge difference in my outward level of happiness. An incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone that feels they have an issue that is holding them back."


"This is powerful stuff. I feel free of the anxiety that had hijacked my life. I was on heightened alert waiting for someone to say a trigger word that would set me into a terrible blushing and anxiety attack. At times I did not want to be alive because I could not tolerate my anxiety attacks and how I felt about myself as a result. Now I feel 100% alive and I really like being free and empowered. I feel I am in control of my life and I like my life."

Stress, Worry & Health Issues - One of Peter's clients

"I am pleased I took the decision to try this type of therapy as I had been struggling with stress and worry and a few health issues for a long time. It was initially a strange experience but after a while I found it interesting and it was very relaxing, which in itself was really good. I wasn't sure what to expect and found it hard initially to 'let go' and free my mind. After a few sessions, it became easier to speak out more freely.


It has helped me to relax easier and I feel like a weight has been lifted. I have no niggling worries and am happy in the knowledge that I have given my mind the chance to clear and be explored properly and any issues dealt with.


After my final session I felt incredibly happy, assured and more content. It has also given me more confidence and I hope things will continue to improve and I'm sure I will continue to feel the benefits for months to come.


Thank you"

Anxiety Surrounding Flying - One of Peter's clients

"I first consulted Peter as I was experiencing extreme anxiety surrounding flying. This was having such a huge impact on my life, not only during the flight, but weeks leading up to it, that I decided I needed to be able to take control of my irrational emotions.


The therapy was an extremely relaxing processing and Peter was welcoming and encouraging throughout. Since completing the therapy I have been on two holidays abroad, and each time have experienced less and less anxiety both on the plane and the weeks leading up to the flight. The impact on my life has been quite profound, instead of lying awake worrying about the flight the night before, I couldn't sleep because I was too excited about the destination! And whereas before I would be unable to enjoy any food a week before the flight, this time the night before the flight home I enjoyed a dessert buffet whilst watching fireworks.


[Please note the significance of this last comment - the random noises, bangs and explosions associated with fireworks can be very startling, unsettling and disturbing to people with anxiety.]


Not only has the therapy had a huge impact on my ability to fly stress free but I find myself less prone to anxiety in situations that I know would have caused anxiety before my time with Peter. I would recommend hypnotherapy with Peter.


I hope that is ok?


Thank you so much for all your help, the therapy really has had such a big impact on my life!"

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