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Types of Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

A number of different therapies are available to help control the symptoms associated with Anxiety Disorder.


Very briefly, they may be classified into two types of therapy:

  • Counteractive Therapies
  • Transformational Therapies

The counteractive therapies are directed towards controlling, or counteracting, the troublesome associated symptoms of the Anxiety Disorder. Whilst they may be effective for a short while, the benefits of the counteractive therapies do tend to 'wear off' after a period of time, requiring the client to return to the therapy until such time that the efficacy of the therapy is completely lost.


In contrast, the transformational therapies are directed towards achieving a lasting, permanent, effortless change, that requires no effort from the client, or repeat visits or new prescriptions, or new therapies, to maintain.

Counteractive Therapies

The counteractive therapies are directed towards controlling the associated symptoms of the Anxiety Disorder, and may be further divided into:

  • Drugs based Therapies/Medication - usually using drugs that have a sedative effect, and available on prescription from your GP or Psychiatrist. Whilst medication isn't usually used to treat, say, phobias however, medication is sometimes prescribed by your GP or Psychiatrist to help people cope with the effects of anxiety. Medications that may be used include: antidepressants; tranquilisers and beta-blockers.
  • Desensitisation or exposure therapy involves gradual exposure to the object, animal, place or situation that causes fear and anxiety and can be effective for very simple phobias.   
  • Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) is often used by the medical profession, in hospitals, under supervision of a psychiatrist and involves administering high voltage electric shocks to the patient's brain whilst under general anaesthetic (with suitable protections in place to avoid damage to the patient's tongue during the patient's convulsions).
  • 'Bibliotherapy' - An unusual name, where the patient client reads a book containing therapeutic ideas, with the intention of putting into practice the ideas contained in the book.
  • Psychotherapy - therapy from a psychotherapist who will give you personal one-to-one instruction in the ideas contained within the bibliotherapy books. This form of therapy is usually called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and might be available free from the National Health Service (NHS), although the waiting list is usually quite long and it can take several months to be seen by a CBT psychotherapist. CBT also requires a lot of effort and commitment from the client, to remain focussed on the ideas and to continue with the various techniques and strategies after completion of the therapy - however this form of psychotherapy can 'help' (i.e. 'counteract') all the time that the client continues to practice the therapy - one drawback being the amount of effort that is required by the client to learn the therapy techniques and strategies and to remember to put them into practice at the appropriate time.
  • Sometimes people with depression or anxiety can also benefit from 'art therapy' or its not too distant cousin, 'colouring therapy' (adult colouring books are available from many good bookshops, for this purpose).
  • Group therapy, where people suffering from a similar symptom (such as an addiction) meet up regularly to discuss their problem can also be beneficial to some people.
  • Some therapists specialise in 'music therapy' which can suit some people and can work well as a form of group therapy.

Transformational Therapies

The transformational therapies are distinguished by their many and varied exotic names and mnemonics. However, despite the wide range of transformational therapies available they all achieve their therapeutic benefits and effectiveness by leveraging a phenomenon of brain behaviour that neuroscientists have termed 'memory reconsolidation'.


Just some of the (many) transformational therapies are:

  • Hypnoanalysis
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • Psychoanalysis

Despite all of the therapies achieving their efficacy through the same means the actual method used by the therapist varies from therapy to therapy; differing only by various therapeutic nuances, dependent upon the goals of the client and therapist.


However, in all cases the improvements in the client's well being achieved during a course of therapy tend to be permanent and are maintained effortlessly by the client who can then just leave therapy behind and continue with their day to day life, without giving any further thought to their therapy, or the techniques and controlling strategies that they would have had to learn and take on board, and use, with a counteractive therapy.

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